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Compact 144/220/440MHz Transceiver/Receiver

The TH-F6A is a 144/220/440 MHz transceiver/receiver with dual-channel RX capability in a compact and powerful design. The first Tri-Band HT with 3 bands you can operate EVERY DAY!

    General Features
  • 200W output (50MHz: 100W) DC 13.8V in the TS-480HX
  • 8 Character Alphanumeric Display
  • Up to 8 groups of 50 channels per memory bank
  • Famous Loud and Clear Kenwood Audio
  • Dual Channel Simultaneous Receive even on the same band
  • Easy access Single Knob Encoder/volume control
  • 7.4 Volt 2000 mAh Lithium Ion battery (largest & most power in the industry)
  • 4 Selectable Transmit Power Levels
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Compact 144MHz Transceiver
The Kenwood's stylish new TH-K2AT is in a class of its own, it is compact enough to make operation simple and sure. And despite its smart looks, this 144MHz FM transceiver is tough enough to survive the rigors of outdoor use, while delivering superb performance.

    General Features
    • 5W RF Output
    • Large LCD & Backlit Keys
    • Internal VOX
    • Weather Alert (U.S. only)
    • Auto Repeater Offset
    • Multiple Scan
    • Priority Scan
    • Built in CTCSS, DCS & 1750Hz Burst
    • 1100 mAh Ni-MH Battery Pack

144/440 MHz FM Dual Bander
Kenwood's TH-D72A dual-band transceiver is compatible with APRS® data communications. Offering position and weather information, the TH-D72A opens up broad new vistas of outdoor enjoyment, especially for activities like trekking.

      General Features
    • Built-in high-performance GPS receiver
    • APRS® firmware equipped as standard
    • USB (Mini-B) port (USB PC Programming cable included)
    • Kenwood MCP-4A PC Programming Software
    • Kenwood Sky Command System II
    • Compatible with ARRL "Travel Plus" for Repeaters
    • Simple node access with EchoLink® memory
    • DX Cluster Tune (Packet Cluster)
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Compact High Power 60W Transceiver

The Kenwood's new TM-271A is tough and compact, MIL-STD-compliant transceiver deliver powerful mobile performance and such advanced features as multiple scan functions and memory names, as well as NOAA Weather Band & emergency alert reception*. On or off the road you can always enjoy the sophistication of high-quality audio. Illuminated keys and a large LCD with adjustable green backlighting for easy operation day or night help make the TM-271A the ideal companion for all your travels.

    General Features
    • High power 60W output
    • Weather Alert (U.S. only)
    • U.S. MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F
    • High quality front speaker
    • 200 memory channels, plus one call channel
    • 6 alphanumeric characters offers 100 memory channels
    • Multiple scan functions
    • CTCSS & DCS Encoder/Decoder
    • High frequency stability with built-in TCXO

HF Base Mobiles

HF/50 MHz All-Mode

The new TS-480HX HF transceiver raises the bar on portable performance. Despite its compact dimensions, it delivers an astonishing punch: 200W with a DC 13.8V supply. Yet its separate control panel is perfect for base station use. Sharing virtually all the same powerful features is the 100W TS-480SAT, except that it boasts a built-in antenna tuner.

    General Features
  • 200W output (50MHz: 100W) DC 13.8V in the TS-480HX
  • 100W model with built-in Antenna Tuner with the TS-480SAT
  • TX/RX 16-bit AF digital signal processing
  • Separate LCD control panel with speaker
  • Continuous RX: 500kHz (VFO: 30kHz) to 60MHz
  • TX covers all Amateur bands 1.8MHz to 50MHz
  • Other features include a TS-950 class quad-mixer
  • PSK31 compatibility
  • Packet cluster tune (with TM-D700A)
  • PC-based control

TS-2000 / B2000 / 2000X
HF/All-Mode Transceivers

The all new Kenwood TS-2000 series transceiver offers today's demanding Amateur operator high performance standards without the compromising limitations found in other similar multi-band, multi-mode transceiver.

    General Features
    • High performance true IF/stage DSP on main band. AF stage DSP on sub-band.
    • Digital filtering. (No more expensive options to buy)
    • Satellite ready, with transverter frequency display.
    • Wide band receive
    • Dual receive, (HF & 2m or 70cm) (2m & 2m) (70cm & 70cm)
    • Cross band repeat.
    • 100 watts output on HF, 6 and 2 meters. 50 watts output on 70cm, 10 watts output on 1.2 GHz (optional UT-20)
    • Built-in a Auto Tuner HF through 6 meters
    • Built-in RS-232 for computer control
    • Built-in TCXO (.5PPM)
    • CTCSS & DCS encode/decode
    • Electronic memory keyer World
    • 5+1 Antenna ports. (2 for HF & 6m, 1 for 2m, 1 for 70cm, 1 for 1.2 GHz option & 1 for and HF receive antenna)

High Performance HF Transceiver

The TS-590S marks a bold new chapter in Kenwood's proud history of manufacturing high-performance transceivers. Featuring a narrow-band Roofing Filter the TS-590S significantly reduces interference from unwanted signals that would be hidden to lesser rigs.

      General Features
    • Best dynamic range in its class versus off-frequency interference
    • 500 Hz / 2.7 kHz Roofing Filters
    • 32-bit floating point DSP
    • 100 W heavy-duty design
    • Built-in automatic antenna tuner ( 6 ~ 160 meters )
    • USB & Serial DB-9 ports for PC connectivity
    • Kenwood ARCP-590 Control Software
    • Kenwood ARHP-590 Radio Host Program for VOIP
    • CW Auto Tune
    • Beat Cancel